Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is where it started.....

I've been in a serious scrapping rut since the middle of December, and THIS is why! I've re-discovered crocheting :-) Started with a plan to make one Sock Monkey hat for Jessica. I found the pattern here. Doesn't she look sweet!

Since then, I've made around 100 hats.... seriously! I put a couple of my hats on Facebook to sell and ended up getting a ton of orders for them! Others I gave as gifts. I often buy patterns from Etsy, but there's also so many free ones to be found online. Ravelry is another good place to find patterns.

Here are a few of my hats:

Rainbow Sock Monkey from

Red Angry Bird
I used the beak from the owl pattern, the head feathers from a misc. pattern online that I thought would look good, and the eyebrows from a pattern I found for a red bird plushie.  

This one was for a newborn, from 

Another newborn hat, from

Found a free newsboy pattern online and modified it to make it Stawberry Shortcake. I think the leaves pattern came from a site online that had free crocheted food patterns. I modified it to make it bigger.

Floppy Puppy from 

Designed this one myself :-)

Hello Kitty -- found a free pattern online, but then purchased another from

Designed this one myself, also. Found a pattern somewhere online for small crocheted balls, that I used for his eyes. 

This next one is my FAVE so far! I designed it myself -- one of a kind :-) I might try and replicate it as Jessica wants one.