Monday, June 23, 2008

My garden

I thought I'd share a few photos of my garden. These were taken last summer -- it still hasn't been warm enough here for most of my flowers to bloom. This past Saturday, I was finally able to go outside and get some weeding done; long overdue, but with lots of rain and cold weather (try 4 deg. Celsius!) I wasn't going in the garden. Anyway, Saturday it was done. I even paid two of the younger kids to help me -- they weeded what was poking up among the stones in the walkway.

My garden is mostly filled with perennials. I don't have that much time to spend putting in annuals. I like perennials as they spread with very little effort on my part.

Along the side of the house, there is a lilac bush (that never seems to bloom), 2 rose bushes, a snowball bush, a gooseberry bush and also black currant. We also have lots of raspberry bushes that yield a great crop each year!

Daisies are my absolute favorite wildflower! I just think they look great!


Nature Mama said...

Your flower photos are beautiful :) It has definitely been a funny year for weather hasn't it! We are much colder and wetter this year on the west coast to :( This weekend the temperatures are supposed to soar so that should do the plants some good :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Jean Marie said...

Beautiful flowers in your garden Carla

molytail said...

oh I love the blue ones! :-) It's been hot here the last bit, hope it warms up for ya before there's no summer left!

pamala said...

Oh my word, these are soooooooo lovely!!! I just want to reach right into the pics and take a sniff!

Dee.. said...

Carla, your flowers are absolutely beautiful! I really need to get some for my yard one of these days. :)