Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother/Daughter scrapping

My 11-yo daughter loves to scrap with me. Saturday evening we did some scrapping and whipped up 2 sweet cards. My sister, Deanne, was here and she helped Jessica with some of her cutting/inking, that sort of thing.

We used sketches that were in the Creating Keepsakes magazine - June issue, I think. Here are the cards Jessica made:

And here are mine:

I thought they turned out pretty nicely!

I'm going scrapping with the girls this evening and Jessica has decided she will tag along as well :-) I love having a daughter to share my hobby with!


Deanne said...

Awesome cards!!! I had fun helping Jessica! She is very creative and artistic, just like her mom!!!

Jacqueline said...

What a great job Jessica did! She has natural talent. I wish I could get Sarah interested in scrapping again. Wish I could have made it tonight too but I didn't have a sitter.

Erin Gudge said...

Those are so cute! Love them!

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

oh those cards are so beautiful!!! :) love them! :)

Jean Marie said...

Beautiful cards!!How nice to be able to share so much creative fun with your loved ones!

Ali said...

Beautiful cards! TYFS. My DD scraps w/ me too! :o)