Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google Reader

I added a few new blogs to my reader today. I love Google Reader -- I get to see updates as they happen, instead of stumbling upon the updates days after they were done.

The Robinson County Post -- added this one because I thought the similarities between us are cool :-) I have 4 kids, am a Robinson, love to sew and I decorate cakes :-)

Nature Notes From Above - great nature blog that my kids are I enjoyed looking through today!

Category Stories - a scrapbooking challenge blog

RiffRaffDesigns - LOVE the chipboard here! ...... and made here in Canada!

Stamping and Stuff - Some great tutorials here! Gonna take a while to go through the blog :-)

Creative Scrappers - another new sketch site.

There you go! That's a lot for one day


Jacqueline said...

Isn't google reader wonderful! I knew you guys would like the Nature blog. I love watching that one and yours because it so neat to be watching nature from the two opposite sides of our huge country. I'm off to check out some of the other ones you've mentioned.