Thursday, August 14, 2008


I forgot to mention that I am now on the dt for Deanne's sketch blog - A Scrap Addict. Gonna be fun :-) She's got some amazing girls on the team!

Also, my oldest son turns 16 today. Hard to believe! He opted out of a traditional cake -- wanted to try something different. This is an ice-cream type of cake. I'll post the recipe a bit later.

My daughter turned 12 last week -- she's certainly acting and looking more grown up. I love the expression on her face here :-) Clothes are certainly a hit with her ANYTIME now!

My second son, Timothy, comes home from cadet camp tomorrow. We've really missed him. He's called twice and doesn't seem to be homesick. He did well on his report -- 94%!


Deanne said...
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Deanne said...

Thanks for accepting!!!

Happy 16th birthday ,Luke!!!

Can't wait to get our boys home!!!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday to the kiddos, and congrats on the DT.

Jean Marie said...

Congratulations Carla!and a happy birthday to your son!
Hope we get to read how your son made out on his wilderness trip :)