Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Treat Holder - "Inspire Us!"

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Our theme for March is "EASTER".


For my Easter project, I made a Bunny Treat Holder. I had this saved on my computer for some time now, but I don't know what site I saved it from.

These would be very easy for children to make, and also would be great for teachers to give out to students.

I started with a piece of white cardstock, 4x6 inches. Score in half length-wise. Make a light mark at the center of each end, and draw a line from the ends to the scored rectangle (as shown). Score and fold these lines. Punch 4 holes as shown.

Draw and cut out bunny ears and feet. For the feet, I traced around a Memento ink. Add ink to make his paw prints. For the ear shapes, leave a little tab so you can stick them on the triangle shape. I used ink to add some detail.

You need about 12-14 inches of ribbon to tie the treat box together. Thread the ribbon as shown. In the top left hole, the ribbon goes from the outside, in ...... then across to the top right hole from inside, out :-) Center the ribbon, then thread each end in the bottom holes (from the inside, out). Believe me -- I tried a number of different combinations before coming up with one that worked!

(Note: this one has the front holes too close to the center point. It didn't draw together well)

Draw face on your bunny. This should be done before threading the ribbon :-) I added some ink for the cheeks.

Don't forget the treats! Draw ribbon together and fold box up. Tie into bow.
Adhere feet and ears as shown.

Thanks for looking at my Easter project! Leave a comment sharing something you do at Easter time. I'll draw a winner on the 31st for a scrappy RAK!

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Colleen said...

How cute, I love it. Going to have to give this a try.

Jackie said...

Fabulous as always :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! Love Easter & all the egghunts with the kids, cousins & seemingly endless number of little ones around.

Margo said...

Every year we attend the community egg hunt at a local park, where the kids hunt for chocolate eggs, and also the ones who find a golden egg can turn it in for a huge chocolate bunny.
Many years I also make a bunny cake - the same one my mom made for us when I was little. It is made from one circle pan, and ends of being a standing bunny - it always amazes me when it is done, as it is so adorable!

Fignie said...

My best Easter times were spent when my dad would make it back into town ... He would hide our candies in the house -- he'd draw us a map of the house, mark where our candies were, and we'd have at 'er. He got VERY creative on his hiding spots. It was SO much fun! The best parts would be when "we" couldn't find them, and he'd forget! LOL
BEAUTIFUL little bunny!! I think I might make one for the nieces!

Stephanie said...

Cute box! One thing we do is have and Egg hunt for our kids in the backyard or around the house. We leave a trail of jellybeans from their room to the living room. They love it!

Saxon and Jaedyn said...

Such a super cute box! Awesome daughter will definately want to copy your idea
At easter I always hide eggs around the house and the kids go wild!!!
thanks so much!!

Linda said...

That is so darn cute. Definately something to try with the kids.

I usually try to create some kind of easter egg hunt for the kids..even if we are out of town on a trip I always do a little something for them. Each year I haven't bought them much in chocolate..I've got them clothes and books too. They LOVE books.

Jacqueline said...


Melissa said...

cute bunny box Carla!
We do the traditional Egg hunt but the past couple years I also play a little game with my boys. We have tons of those plastic eggs.. I fill them with things like rice, cotton balls, paper clips... Then on a strip of construction paper I draw a picture of the items in the eggs.
Then we play "what's that sound", I'll shake the egg and they use the strip of paper with the pictures to figure out what's in the egg

Wanita said...

Adorable little treat holder Carla! TFS :)

Carissa said...

These are too cute. I should try these with my kids. Or they might be fun to hide!

Jean said...

How cute is this! Think my coworkers would love these.

Jean Marie said...

how sweet! will have to try this.

joni said...

Adorable! That is the cutest little box!!!! Thanks so much for the instructions!

Lee - createalways said...

oh how sweet is that!! Love the bunny. I have a ton of easter items I put up for the kids, they love it all!! But my favorite decorations are the ones made with love.

pamala said...

That is so dang cute!!! Thanks for the fab tutorial!
Thank you for posting on my blog during the Zutter Zisters Blog Hop too. :)

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!! Definitely going to see if the kiddos want to make these for our easter dinner table! Thanks Carla!

Angel said...

So cute! I think I'll do this with my kids to give to their BFFs. Thanks.

miagb said...

Love all the Easter inspirations!

Lizzy Simpson said...

Love the treat box. Would be wonderful used as placecards at the dinner table on Easter!

I always hide DD's Easter goodies so she has to look for them. Last year I hid 120 little chocolate bars all over my in-laws house and we all had a ball watching her look for all of them. The year before I left a chocolate egg trail for her to follow, and all along the way there were goodies (a raincoat and boots, viewmaster slides, figurines, etc). Always so much fun!


Julie said...

These are really cute! I wish I had seen these before Easter instead of just today! Oh well, at least I will have a fresh new idea for NEXT Easter! :) Thanks Carla!