Friday, June 8, 2007

Blogs I love to read.....

I now have a long list of blogs that I try to read daily. I also like to post every couple of days and let people know that there is someone who is reading :-)

Notes From The Trenches -- Here is one by a homeschooling mother of seven. I like her wit and her style of writing, and I can relate with a lot of what she writes.

Boo Mama -- Another blog that I find myself visiting everyday. Again, I like her style of writing.

Handmade By Me! - This is a great crafty site -- lots to make and do :-)

Unpubbed-- Since I have not been pubbed (yet!) I have been checking out this blog. The "famer" this week seems to have the same style of scrapping as I do, so maybe I'll give this challenge a try this week.

On the right is a list of more blogs that I visit.


Jean said...

Great blogs to visit ..TFS!!

KSmith said...

Nice job..will definitely check out some of your blog choices.