Tuesday, February 12, 2008

feeling down

I'm having kind-of a down day. Maybe blogging about it will make me feel better :-)

School hasn't been the best with oldest son again this week. I just wish he would have some initiative! Everyone says it's an "age thing" and it will pass. I certainly hope so, because I have 3 more to go through the same thing! UGGH! I need patience and understanding.

I am frustrated with buying food for this household of mine! Hundreds of dollars a month and there's still nothing to eat! We are trying to eat healthier and boy, is it expensive! It's so much easier to buy the pre-packaged foods for lunches, isn't it?

NOTE: I just signed up at Saving Dinner for some of their menus. I like how they have the shopping lists and nutritional information included. Signed up for a 3-month subscription. Let's see how it goes.

I sometimes feel "useless" in my home, even though I know I am always busy with something -- cleaning, cooking, shopping, teaching -- you get the idea. I think it's not so much feeling useless, but feeling unappreciated. I don't see what good I am doing in all the chores I do because it just gets dirty again. Food gets eaten. Dishes get messed again. Anyway, that's the rut I am in today.

Then I get stuck in the school thing again -- wonder if I am benefiting my kids by homeschooling them .... wonder if they are learning anything .... wonder if they will choose a good career when they get older ..... wonder if they'll be happy......

Gotta change my attitude, I guess. I should go get some lunch seeing how it is almost 3 pm and I haven't eaten yet.


Jacqueline said...

I hear ya, Carla! It think this is the tmie when we need a homeschool conference or something to get us revived again.

KimmyKimKim said...

You will love the Flylady/Saving Dinner stuff I think.
You should get the Flylady's book - Sink Reflections. I hummed and ha'd about buying it for a long time and finally I did. I am definitely not sorry. I fall off the "wagon" from her system all the time - but I always come back to it and it has been a few years now.
She specifically has help for home school moms, SAHM, moms like me that work out of the home. Give it a try! Or read it all on her website if that helps you... A lot of it is taking time for yourself so that you feel like this a lot less often. Pamper yourself - you deserve it and your kids WILL appreciate all that you do when they grow up. They absolutely will.