Sunday, February 10, 2008

My little girl is growing up....

She went to the movies with her best friend last night -- first time at the movies without me or dh. I guess it's inevitable that she HAS to grown up and do things on her own, but I did miss her yesterday.

She didn't get home until almost 10:30 -- late for this earlybird who loves (and needs!) her sleep :-) She had a great day, though.


Deanne said...

Ahhhh, she IS growing up! And TOOOO fast!!!!
Wish they could all stay young FOREVER!!!

I bet she had fun though! What movie did she see??

She's gorgeous in the pic! Can't wait to see a LO with this pic on it!

Jacqueline said...

And she is growing up to be a very beautiful young lady, both inside and out.