Thursday, July 3, 2008

Five Random...

things and photos. Deanne challenged us on Sisterhood of Scrap to try this journaling challenge.

1. My kids thought this was the FUNNIEST! We saw this sign outside a shopping mall.
2. Mr. Squirrel playing hide and seek :-)
3. Youngest son and I on the go-cart track.
4. Our Flowering Crabapple has bloomed. Shortly after I took this photo, it rained really hard and blew off most of the blossoms.
5. My mom is home for the summer. For the past 3 years she's been teaching in northern Manitoba. This is the cake my 13 yo son made for her.


Deanne said...

Cute little squirrell!!!
And that cake looks yummy!!! I have to decoreate 3 cakes tomorrow! Wanna come down and help!!!??? hehe!

Jacqueline said...

Love those pictures! Nice cake!

Jean Marie said...

Wonderful photos!That squirrel is so funny!TFS!