Monday, October 20, 2008

Happiness is.....

fresh-baked homemade bread -- and of course TOUTONS :-)

I usually mix up bread dough in the morning (or get my oldest son to mix it -- his arms are much stronger than mine) and by lunch time, the dough has risen enough for us to make a few toutons. Delicious!

Basically, a touton is just a small bit of dough, flattened and fried. Many Newfoundlanders will fry them in pork fat, but we just use butter.

As for toppings, some of us like just butter, others like butter and molasses or butter and maple syrup, one even likes a mixture of molasses and syrup. Whatever the topping is, we all love toutons!

Oh, a few hours later we can enjoy some fresh, hot bread, maybe with some homemade jam -- now that's perfection!


V Colbourne said...

Yum yum yum-- my mouth is watering :) I just like them plain...heehee

Jackie said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't had a touton in years!!! Brings back many happy memories and scents... wood stove giving off enough heat to burn your brain all the loaves rising in the warmer above... thanks, you made my day :)