Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picnic time :-)

Yes, even though it's fall! Devin and I went on a lovely picnic at Riverwood Inn last Saturday. The weather was beautiful!

What an awesome spot! Danny and the staff really outdid themselves with our little basket lunch. We sat by the river and our basket was brought to us to enjoy :-) It was so quiet and peaceful there.

The food was delicious! I can't say enough about it -- you'll just have to try it yourself some day!


V Colbourne said...

Woooo, how nice! Is this in Springdale? So you just pay a certain amount and they provide the picnic!?! TOo awesome!

Carla said...

Yes, it's here in Springdale. We actually won this picnic, but you can pay for it. This inn is spectacular! You'll have to come visit someday :-)

V Colbourne said...

Woooo, it looks lovely! You know, the hundreds and hundreds of time that we travel between Long Island and Springdale (especially when I was younger and lived at home), not once did we ever take the time to explore and do something fun. I believe some of the best spots are close to home!

Jean Marie said...

What a lovely spot for a picnic !
Looks like you had a grand time!
Beautiful layout!