Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to....

my sweet boy, Timothy!
Timothy turned 14 on Tuesday. Just now getting time to post his birthday greetings. He is our quiet boy, but he can be brave when needed. He is so thoughtful and understanding. He loves to bake and cook. Just yesteday, he made supper for us -- Sloppy Tim's (kinda like sloppy joe's). He loves anything spicy, so he used lots of chili pepper and cayenne pepper. Great meal, though!

Here are a few photos of Timothy through the years :-)


Deanne Burton said...

Oh, he is a sweetheart! Makes me wanna cry, Carla! Our little ones are growing up tooo fast!!!!! They aren't little anymore!

Jackie said...

A belated Happy birthday to Timmy.. such a handsome young boy.