Monday, November 10, 2008

My baby is eleven!

Our youngest turned eleven yesterday. What a special boy he is! He is certainly a delight to be around -- always something to smile or laugh about :-) He is a very huggable and loving child, and he is very sensitive. Benjamin is very interested in numbers and basically anything to do with science. He has a great knowledge of trivia. We just love him to pieces!

He opened his gifts at breakfast and hugged and thanked everyone after each gift/card. Lunch was his choice - quesadillas. His cake? Well, he prides himself on remembering every birthday cake since his first. This year he showed me a drawing of his idea. I expanded it a bit and came up with something her loved. I'll post a photo of the cake later -- had to use an old digital and our new camera is still at the shop!

For now, enjoy a few photos of Benjamin through the years.

What a sweet boy!

Always curious...

His 3rd birthday cake

With a twinkle in his eyes!

The cutest reindeer, ever!


Ho, ho, ho!

Loves extremes and is a risk-taker!

Watching the ducks at Bowring Park.

With his Great-Grandpa. He spent most of his visits this summer, cuddling with Grandpa.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Benjamin!! We love you!


Laura S. said...

Love the photos through the years..what a great idea. My baby Kailey turns 11 this month also.

They grow up so fast!!

BTW...tag you are it...check out my blog for more info...

Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Deanne Burton said...

Happy birthday, buddy!!!!! Can't wait to see the pic of your cake!!!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to see what he came up with for his cake, Happy Birthday Benjamin!