Saturday, January 17, 2009

15 and 16

January 15

Caught this shot of Jessica and Luke playing chess. I put a stop to the gaming systems for a bit and they pull out the old standbys :-) I love it!

January 16

Deanne came to visit and brought her puppy, Meika. Jessica absolutely loves Meika and occupies her the entire time they are here. And Meika is not the sleepy puppy she once was -- she's a ball of energy now!


Deanne Burton said...

Carla, she slept coming down in the truck, but once she was home it was go,go,go again for a long time.We tried to clip her nails but she would have nothing to do with it.I waited for her to finally go to sleep and then I cut them.No problem.She's sleeping in my arms while I'm typing this!
Thanks Jessica, for taking good care of her! I can tell you really enjoy having Meika visit!!!

Susan Coish said...

Sara has has an interest in chess lately too. We had to go out an buy her a game from Walmart. She can play it too. It's amazing how quickly they learn. And...a break from the game systems is a good thing!