Tuesday, January 13, 2009

365 days of photos

I wasn't going to start this, as I figured I'd be too stressed in making sure I got one pic every day. Thought about it a bit and I just might give it a go :-)

Just started yesterday, though I did go back and found a couple more photos I took since the beginning of the month.

January 1

We received a small fondue pot for Christmas. I managed to snag 3 BIG Lindt chocolate bars at 75% off. They're perfect for fondue! Delicious.

January 9

We love playing games! This is a new one we also received for Christmas -- Canadian Trivia. Pretty good game!

January 12

We've had a shortage of birds here this fall/winter. I don't know what's happend to them. Usually at this time of year, we'd be getting Northern Juncos, Chickadees, Redpolls and LOTS of Sparrows. Today we saw three little Juncos at the feeder. I hope they stick around (and tell their friends!)

January 13

Laundry is never-ending :-) I folder 4 loads this morning. And no, it's not put away yet.


Janine Wahl said...

Good luck with your picture a day!
The bird tracks are neat!