Friday, January 16, 2009

my favorite color

I posted a challenge on Sisterhood of Scrap to "tell about your favorite color and what it says about you". Well, my favorite color is either brown or green -- can't choose one! A lot of my clothing is is brown or green and that's the colors I normally head for when shopping. Plus, my kids always know that when we play a game, my piece is always green :-)

According to this site, here's what it says about my personality:

"Brown: A Brown person has stamina and patience, tending to be very solid and substantial, conscientious, dependable, steady and conservative. Browns are not impulsive, and may be inarticulate and tactless but they love responsibility and are reliable and kindly. If you chose Brown, watch out for a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible."

"Green: The color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price. Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable. "

I think the brown description fits me better, but I can see some of the "green" in me :-)