Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Scrap-Addict reveal

This is my layout for Deanne's latest "Scrap-Addict" layout reveal. Check out wht the other ladies created!


V Colbourne said...

Fabby LO as always Carla! Thanks for you's actually a really good way to get kids writing, I'm not sure how long it will interest them. The number of entries they do is up to them, but they do have a mandatory entry each week that will be counted towards their grade on the journal at the end. Needs to make them write at least once a The girls love it wayyy more then the boys, but I'm hoping they will come around.

V Colbourne said...

To Benjamin:

I really enjoy riding ski-doo. When I am home (in Newfoundland) I always ride my dad's ski-doo too. There are many trails where I am from, Long Island, and we can go for hours and hours. We see lots of bunnies too, sometimes we may be lucky and see a fox.

I teach in Labrador right now. There are no roads here, well, there are but they are covered in snow and people ONLY use snowmobiles to get around. It is quite interesting to see how people do their daily things and always use a ski-doo. They use them for grocery shopping, getting the mail, going to school, everything really.

I will use your message as a journal entry for my students tomorrow and I can let you know what they write back.