Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's talk resolutions.....

Linda, our new SISTER at Sisterhood of Scrap, challenged us to write down our resolutions and post them so that others can help keep us in line :-) With that in mind, here are my resolutions.

~ submit at least 2 layouts per month -- I haven't been submitting much at all, but I think I would like to see a layout of mine actually in print in a magazine.

~ scrap at least 3 layouts per week -- SHOULD be attainable, considering that I usually create between 200-250 layouts in a year

~ organize all my photos, both printed and digital -- Most of my digital prints are organized; I just want to get them printed and then organized into file boxes.

~ I would like to post more on my blog. Lately this has been very sporadic.


~ Definitely to lose some weight, probably 25-30 lbs. This one's gonna be tough and I love potato chips - they are my weakness!

~ Walk at least 4 days a week.

~ Keep up with my devotional in the mornings. Currently I'm following a blog that gives the readings for each day, and also some thoughts about the readings. It's called "For the Love of God".

~ Spend more time reading to my children. This is one thing we've kinda left by the wayside. They enjoy it so much, though. Tomorrow we will pick out a few books and decide what we'll start with.

I think this will do for now :-) I may think of more later.
I am busy this week with organizing and purging. Starting with the children's bedrooms. I want their rooms done before we start back to school next week. Then, while they're working with school, I can get my room done and also the living areas of the house done. That's the plan!


Jacqueline said...

Great goals, Carla!

Jean Marie said...

Best to you on meeting your goals for 2010, Carla.