Thursday, February 4, 2010

January books

Books I read in January:

Twice Loved - Lori Copeland
This was the first book in a series. I enjoyed it and will try to find the rest.

Outlaw's Bride - Lori Copeland
Agaian, first in a series, but I don't have the rest of the books. Will try to get them at our public library.

Mr. and Ms. Annoymous
Can't even remember who wrote this and don't want to go search and see. Didn't enjoy this one.

The Penny Pincher's Club - Sarah Strohmeyer
Very light read, but good :-)

The Mountain Song Legacy by B. J. Hoff
- A Distant Music
- The Wind Harp
- The Song Weaver

Really enjoyed this series! I think it's the first books I've read by this author. I actually bought another novel by BJ Hoff and it's on my list for February.

What have you read this past month??


Jacqueline said...

I don't think I've read any of those authors. May have to add them to my ever growing list. You can check out what I read on my blog.