Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on resolutions

Time for an update on my resolutions post. Let's see how I am doing :-)

~ submit at least 2 layouts per month -- Didn't submit any in January

~ scrap at least 3 layouts per week -- I did 27 layouts last month. Challenged to get 29 done for February.

~ organize all my photos, both printed and digital -- Printed off some photos, but didn't do any organizing.

~ I would like to post more on my blog. I think this is going okay -- could be better, though.


~ Definitely to lose some weight, probably 25-30 lbs. Haven't even started yet. UGH!

~ Walk at least 4 days a week. Nope, hasn't happened.

~ Keep up with my devotional in the mornings. Currently I'm following a blog that gives the readings for each day, and also some thoughts about the readings. It's called "For the Love of God". Did great for about 11 days, then I ran out of printer paper. I know I could have followed online, but.... yeah, that was my excuse. Gotta get back on this!

~ Spend more time reading to my children. Did very well :-) We're almost finished "Understood Betsy".

So, there you go -- not too well, I guess.


Ali said...

Carla, sounds to me like you're doing great with all the goals- there are quite a few and it is only early Feb!! I can only do (look at/work on) a few at a time, so I think you are doing well as far as I can tell!

As for the wt loss, I could always use a buddy! email me when you like and we can buddy up anytime. Chat soon! The blog looks lovely, BTW! Greatr job.