Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Blog Candy

Well, since this is my first time offering BLOG CANDY here, I thought I should explain what blog candy actually IS :-)

You can't eat it, but you will enjoy it. It could be something you might not expect to get, but it's exciting when you do. Maybe something you'd like, but haven't gotten around to buying. It kinda reminds me of when my Dad would come home from work with a "Sugar Daddy" pop for us kids. We didn't always expect it, but boy, was it ever nice to receive!!

Anyway, on to MY blog candy!

I have this Special Collector's Edition of "Fireproof" to give away. This movie has been watched by millions, I'm sure. It's an inspiring love story of a fire-fighter and his wife, whose marriage is in need of rescuing. Lots of great lessons in this movie for anyone in a relationship!

All you have to do to have a chance to WIN this movie is to leave a comment with some LOVE advice --- What advice would you give to someone in a relationship crisis or even to someone just starting out in a relationship?

I'll draw for a winner on Monday, February 15th -- the day Devin and I got engaged :-)

You might want to follow my blog so you can see if you've won! I'll also have another bit of candy sometime next week, especially for all you book lovers!


Kat said...

Can you believe I have never seen that movie?
Best piece of love advice was given to me by Mom.
Nobody is perfect, including you, remember that and you won't be disappointed. Be accepting of faults and put them in perspective, don't sweat the small stuff

Lizzy Simpson said...

I've been wanting to see this movie, but haven't had chance yet. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so I'm sure it's a great movie, though!

My bit of advice comes in the form of a (made up) story I heard once. There was a woman who had been married for many, many years. When people would ask her for advice on staying married and in love for so long, she would tell them that when she got married, she made a list of 10 things that her new husband did that bothered her (bad habits, things he said, etc), and her husband did the same thing. Then, they made a pact with each other to not get annoyed with each other over anything on the lists. So from that point on, anytime either one did anything that the other person felt themselves getting annoyed over, they would say to themselves "thank goodness that's on the list!", and they'd just let it go. Of course, there really weren't any lists - they just decided early on in their relationship to let the small things pass without holding grudges, trying to get even, or being annoyed with each other. So in other words, you're not perfect either, so don't get all bent out of shape over things that really don't warrant it. Big issues need to be addressed, "sock doughnuts" in the laundry, and bread crumbs on the counter are NOT huge issues worth ruining a relationship over!


Linda Shewchuk said...

nice candy...

my advice - never go to bed angry... make him sleep on the couch - lol!!! (k i added the last part).

need laughter in your life & more so in your marriage

Stephanie said...

Loved this movie! I think my marriage advice would be to always be your husband's girlfriend (or vice versa). Thanks for the chance to win!

Michelle said...

My advice would be that you have to expect ups and downs in a relationship, but you must treat your commitment as a covenant among three ... you, your spouse and the Lord. (a threefold cord is not quickly broken..Eccl.)

In our culture today almost everything is instant and disposable. Too often relationships are treated this way. But we need to stay strong in our commitment and I have found the Lord can help you do just that.

That alonq with some humility...i.e. being able to say I was wrong or I'm sorry even when its not all you fault..

This is a great movie. I recommend it for all couples.

Wanda said...

My advice is to go into your marriage knowing that there will be ups and downs. My mother says, "Don't worry about the things you cannot control: and you can't control very much at all." You can control yourself, and yourself only. Remember you aren't perfect, and neither is your spouse. Be patient in the bad times - good times are just around the corner!

Oh, and try not to fight. If you think you need to fight, leave the room, or the house. Or sleep on it. In the morning it will not seem like such a big deal. (Opposite advice from "never go to bed angry" but it frequently works for me, and I've been with my husband 26 years.)

Helen said...

Great idea Carla! My advise is to laugh often together! Never go to bed angry, and to trust each other!

Cathy said...

My advice for those married: Every year on your anniversary, watch your wedding video or go through your wedding pictures. It helps revive the memories of the love that brought you to the point of commitment. As well, read your "love letters" to see what your dreams and visions were before you were married. Believe it or not, this will help keep your love alive.

Dee (SK).. said...

My advice is to trust God with your love relationship. Even when you feel like there's nothing left, ask God to change your heart and renew the love you felt when you were first together. It works because He is the author of Love and He knows what is needed. The other thing that is a necessity is patience. Problems don't appear overnight.. and they won't disappear overnight. :)

Cassie said...

I may be too late to enter but I'll try anyway as I've been wanting to see this movie.
My bit of advice - don't give up. when things seem the darkest, be committed to working it out. every love has a rough patch and it would be easy to walk away. but the other side is sweeter than before!

Charlene said...

Can you believe I haven't seen this movie...The girl who sees everyting? Anyway, my love advise is stay best friends, communicate, and always be truthful!